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We are looking for IT and consulting companies in Europe, USA & UK for long term business relationship in the rapidly developing area of offshore outsourcing. Comware has several channel partners who outsource work and are engaged with us on different outsourcing business models as per requirement.
Assuring you of high quality levels, our web application & development services are offered at almost 50% less of US, Europe prices. The offshore development center of Comware, being based in India, facilitates its partners to pull off optimum cost savings on infrastructure, staff training as well as manpower in comparison to what they might have to disburse in their home country.

Our outsourcing business models include:

Fixed Cost Projects

For small or big Software or Web Development Company where the scope of work is well defined and timelines are aggressive, the project scope and corresponding time with man hour cost are prefixed by both the parties. We provide customers with a project proposal that describes in detail the project scope and schedule. Under this agreement, you keep co-coordinating with your client at front stage throughout the execution of the project and we merely act behind the curtain as an extension of your company. Our partners have rights to access our technical and industrial expertise and may receive consultations and supports in over all their marketing and sales activities.

Time and Fee

For middle-sized and large projects which are dynamic and have fluidity and are difficult to determine an exact project scope of work, the “Time and Fee” model comes into play. All invoices for this type of contract are based on transparent project reports and time sheets. With this method we empower you to resell our services to your clienteles at your own rates which is usually much higher than what you pay us, using either yours or our brand name. By considering us your own software development company, you will let yourself more focused on your marketing activities and expands your customer base. This way you can distress yourself and your role would be up to gathering project requirements and transferring project details to our development team.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Please send your request at or To communicate directly with our Business Development Head, call: +91 80174 25 555